• Wish to mine cryptocurrency?
    Want to have cypto-mining machine?
    Afraid don't have enough rolling capital?
  • Don't know how to operate mining machine?
    Don't have suitable place for mining?
    Not enough money for economic of scale mining?
  • Did you know??
    With NPChains Eco-Processor:
    You can start to mining and minting NPCoin
    With small capital and no electrical and maintenance cost

Npchains.com is an Eco-Processor to do eco-mining and minting NPCoin.
Get this processor for free by purchasing any NearPlus Basic Package.

NPCoin Cryptocurrency

NPCoin (NPC) is a Cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin. There are thousands of altcoins, and NPC is one of it. NPC is created to be an utility coin for daily usage, especially for Asean Regions. You can pay bills and reload your telco using NPC.

npmintingpool.com is the Eco-Processor for you to pool mining and pool minting NPCoin. If you are interested in cryptocurrency, if you wish to collect Bitcoin by investing in altcoin, if you want to have a unique eco-mining processor to make profits, NPChains.Com is the right place for you!

Is hazzle free, no big capital outlay, no huge maintenance and electricity bills, do not need technical and machinery expertise, you can generate NPCoin in an easy and convenience method.

You just need to enrol any NearPlus Basic Package, and you will get an awesome processor for FREE!

Why NPChains.com

NPChains.com is the Eco-Processor for you to pool mining and pool minting NPCoin.

How To Start ?

01. Create

Create NPC Wallet, buy NPC from Exchange - withdraw to your wallet

02. Subscribe

Subscribe any NearPlus Basic

03. Transfer

Transfer your NPC to NPChains.com to do minting

04. Receive

Choose a minting block and start minting and receive NPC every week

Let's start a new tomorrow TODAY!

Mining cryptocurrency is so easy now.



With NPChains.com, anyone can start to make profit with cryptocurrency.



You do not have to be an machines engineer and IT expert to mine cryptocurrency.

Eco-Friendly System

Eco-Friendly System

NPChains.com save you from paying huge electricity bills and mining farm maintenance.